Mothers and babies today often need help to get breastfeeding off to a good start, but it can be challenging to find the support and the time that you need. A private consultation with a certified lactation consultant gives you that time, to explore your birth and the roots of any difficulties you are experiencing, and to develop strategies together which will help you and your baby.

In more complex cases we can also provide research-based information for your health professional team, and perform assessments and referrals for tongue tie. Antenatal appointments are also available, to prepare for those early days and for second-time mothers who want help to make breastfeeding work this time around.

Semi-private sessions for small groups are available by arrangement.


Helen Gray IBCLC

Helen is a board certified lactation consultant, offering specialist breastfeeding help for mothers and babies. She has also been an accredited breastfeeding counsellor with the breastfeeding charity La Leche League since 2001. She leads mother support groups for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in South West London as well as working in local breastfeeding drop-ins and helping mothers one-to-one.

Helen's background is in anthropology, archaeology and human evolution. She received a B.A. cum laude (Honours) from Yale, an M.Phil. from Cambridge, and was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. This background combined with becoming the mother of three children has led to an ongoing interest in how our modern culture shapes the way we mother our babies, how our bodies and our babies have developed to work together and how we can recognise and learn to trust our own instincts.

"I became passionate about breastfeeding after encountering severe difficulties feeding my first baby, when I realised how much breastfeeding my child really meant to me as a mother. I hope that every mother and baby will find the breastfeeding relationship they are looking for."

Helen is a member of the International Lactation Consultant Association and Lactation Consultants of Great Britain. IBCLC Lactation Consultants are certified by examination after several years of clinical experience helping breastfeeding mothers and babies and further advanced study, with a code of ethics, a professional scope of practice ensuring that all IBCLCs provide safe, competent and evidence-based care, and with continued education requirements for regular recertification.


Booking Time: 1 hour

Price: £60


What do clients experience?

Previous clients say...

"Making the call to you was one of the best things we've done" -- Sasha

"Your help gave me the confidence in my own ability to be able to feed my baby" -- Annabel

"Your patience and calm approach was exactly what I needed, back when I was struggling to establish breastfeeding after a difficult birth. My baby is now 6 months old and we are still happily breastfeeding. Just wanted to thank you for your help at the beginning -- I am sure I wouldn't be breastfeeding now if it weren't for you" -- Amy