Marathon Running

Congratulations to our physiotherapist, Toby Sullivan, who ran the 2013 London Marathon in 3.08. Well done, Toby - we are all so proud of you. A sub 3 hour marathon is on the cards for 2014!

Our Sports Performance Specialist and Sports Physiotherapist, Steve Hines, has written two articles which we hope you will find useful in preventing and / or treating some of the most common injuries associated with long distance running:

Achilles Tendon Pain

Knee Pain

He has also written a very useful article on carbohydrate loading:

Carb Loading For The Marathon

If you are injury free and would like a 30 minute Sports MOT appointment to check biomechanics, be shown specific exercise and myofascial release techniques, you can book in with Steve or Toby for just £50. This will help you to prevent injury throughout your training and any events.

If you are injured, please book a full assessment and treatment appointment with one of our experienced Physiotherapists so we can get you back on track as soon as possible.