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Pilates Apparatus - The Reformer

As our understanding of exercise and rehabilitation has evolved, the way Pilates is delivered has been refined but still maintains its underlying key principles. Taught well Reformer Pilates can be an excellent way to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system, reduce injury risk and, along side other therapies, help to alleviate aches and pains.

At reCentre we have a reformer, a Pilates arc and additional equipment enabling us to run 2:1 sessions as well as 1:1. If you would like to share your session with a friend or relative please call us to book.

We have three different appointment types for Reformer Pilates: Sculpt Pilates; Clinical Pilates & Pre & Post Natal Reformer Pilates

Private Pilates Reformer Sessions

Whether you want to run a marathon faster, spend another 30 minutes gardening at the weekend, or pick your children up and spin them round without worrying about what might pop, reformer Pilates is the best way to improve your body's ability to keep up with you at any age and stage of life.

Working well alongside other fitness activities you have, Sculpt Pilates is our offering perfect for those who want to improve the support their body gives them every day and enhance it so that they can do more.

Everyone has some asymmetries in their body, and is likely to experience some aches occasionally - especially when tired. Our expert reformer teachers are well equipped with training and experience to create a plan for you that will lengthen and strengthen without causing further imbalance or fatigue. The natural consequence of this increase in balance and strength is that the body becomes long and lean and feels more resilient for every task in every way.

Reformer Pilates works well to enhance your Matwork Pilates classes, and is a great way to move forward if you have already been doing Matwork for a while.

Reformer Pilates sessions can be booked online through our booking system - click here to make your booking

Clinical Reformer Pilates

Clinical Pilates is for anyone who is injured or has been injured and is need of rehabilitation. The sessions are run by Pilates qualified Physiotherapists as part of a Physiotherapy programme and will include a full assessment followed by follow up appointments to resolve injury and get the body reCentred with good postural balance.

Physiotherapists use and recommend Pilates for a variety of rehabilitation purposes. Modified Clinical Pilates is a form of dynamic stabilization retraining that reconditions the body from the central core to prevent the recurrence of and treat a range of postural, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. The sessions are run by Physios and are tailored to your needs with awareness of other therapeutic techniques. These sessions are run 1:1.

To book an appointment with the Physiotherapist for Pilates please call 020 8672 4455. Please note that some insurance companies will cover your Pilates sessions with a Physiotherapist as part of an ongoing programme of rehabilitation. If you think this might apply to you please consult your insurance company.

Pre- and Post-Natal Reformer Pilates

During pregnancy the forces on the body change and adapt to the growing changes taking place in the body. Discomfort is often expected in this change, and many women "put up" with the aches and pains that they feel. Unfortunately this can mean that increasing pain does not go unchecked and can result in the body compensating for the shift in balance, and ultimately this can cause conflict in the body, and potentially longer term pain.

Prenatal Pilates on the reformer increases postural awareness while strengthening the periphery, enabling mothers to be strong throughout pregnancy and supporting the body through labour and into the early days of mothering. Each exercise session on the reformer redefines what ideal alignment looks and feels like for each participant. Once that is established, the reformer exercises will effectively strengthen and support the body through all phases of the pregnancy.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy create an increase in ligament laxity throughout the body and most significantly in the low back and sacral area. On the reformer, the gliding carriage allows movement through a full but controlled range of motion while keeping the arms and legs grounded for a safe and effective workout. As pregnancy progresses, it becomes more challenging for mums to find comfortable positions. The variety of exercise options available on the reformer allows pregnant women to continue to maintain and develop their strength throughout pregnancy.

For Pre- and Post-natal Pilates Reformer sessions please call 020 8672 4455