• Private 1 to 1 Classes

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We offer 1 to 1 classes in Pilates mat and reformer / apparatus.

Private classes are tailored to your individual needs and can address specific needs and requirements.

Perfect for all levels, they are ideal for beginners, giving you the space to ask questions and explore different exercises in your own time.

For those looking to take their current practice further, private sessions provide the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and receive personal attention to improve posture and technique.

Our experienced teachers offer sessions for all levels including specialist pregnancy Pilates.

If you have a specific injury or rehab need, contact us to discuss Clinical Pilates with a physiotherapist.

Private 1 to 1 Classes

  • Private Pilates Offers

    Matwork Intro-offer
    3 1 Hour Private Sessions
    Price: £150

    Reformer Intro-offer
    3 1 Hour Private Sessions
    Price: £150

    *One purchase per person. Conditions apply.

  • Private Yoga Offers

    If you don’t feel ready to join a group class or you would like some individual attention on your technique, a 1-1 yoga session is an excellent way to learn the basics, understand how yoga can benefit you and adapt postures to your needs.

    50% off your first session.

    Private Yoga Intro-Offer
    3 1 Hour Private Sessions
    Price: £150

Our 1 to 1 teachers

reCentre Health Sibylla Meienberg

Sibylla, originally from Switzerland, was a keen figure skater, competing at national level. Upon leaving the competitive figure skating world Sibylla moved to London to pursue an acting career. During her time at drama school she was introduced to Pilates, discovering its benefits for herself. She trained with Pilates International (now Sampson Pilates) and has been teaching across London for the past 8 years.

Sibylla enjoys teaching a wide variety of clients, finds it extremely rewarding when clients are able to perform exercises or movements that they once struggled and, having worked alongside Physiotherapists for many years, believes that movement is a healer.

Sibylla teaches both matwork and reformer Pilates and as well as private sessions, she leads group classes on Sundays at reCentre.

Eva Perdiki Pilates Teacher reCentre Health Balham

Eva Perdiki is qualified to teach both Matwork and Pilates Apparatus by the Pilates Foundation; a highly respected organisation committed to maintaining the highest standards of teaching.

To retain her affiliation with the Pilates Foundation, Eva is dedicated to continuing her education and learning by undertaking several Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses each year, keeping her professional outlook up-to-date and fresh. Her approach is always appropriate for each individual client’s needs, and values their individuality. She has considerable experience of rehabilitation and her teaching ranges from beginners to advanced level.

For her own practice, she follows advanced Gyrotonic, Yoga and Ballet training. Eva is also a Royal Academy of Dance qualified Ballet teacher.

Eva currently offers private sessions at reCentre on Saturday mornings and at other times by arrangement.

I first started doing Pilates in the late 1980s when I was doing my professional dance training.

Scroll forward nearly twenty years, I had had four children and my lower back was starting to suffer.

I did some Pilates classes, could see the improvement in my back and general posture and core strength and fell in love with it all over again. I finished my Matwork training in 2004 and have been teaching ever since.

I have done pregnancy Pilates training, small ball and band workshops and have completed Pilates Reformer training.

My favourite exercise is spine curls as it it is great for all levels and is a great exercise for starting off the class and reminding everyone to re-connect to their bodies.

As my body has changed over the last 20 years, Pilates helps me to stay connected and strong and alive!! Best thing about teaching is my clients. I learn so much from them every single class.

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