Our Pilates Teachers

Hannah graduated with a BSc Hons in Physiology with Sports Biomedicine before completing an MSc in Physiotherapy from Kings College London in 2013. She is a Chartered Physiotherapist with over seven years experience, working in Sports and Orthopaedic medicine in a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence. Hannah’s underlying philosophy is that “exercise is medicine”, whilst maintaining the traditional hands-on approach. Hannah works holistically to treat the body as a whole in order to resolve pain, and restore movement, strength, and function. This may include a combination of manual therapy, acupuncture, taping, electrotherapy, education, and exercise prescription. Hannah will be teaching our Physio-led Pilates class to support patients with their rehabilitation. 

In her spare time, Hannah enjoys Yoga, walking her dog, and is a bit of a health and fitness fanatic! She thrives off empowering others, loves being by the sea, and spending time with family and friends. 

Sibylla, originally from Switzerland, was a keen figure skater, competing at national level. Upon leaving the competitive figure skating world, Sibylla moved to London to pursue an acting career. During her time at drama school she was introduced to Pilates, discovering its benefits for herself. She trained with Pilates International (now Sampson Pilates) and has been teaching across London for many years.

Sibylla enjoys teaching a wide variety of clients, finds it extremely rewarding when clients are able to perform exercises or movements that they once struggled with and, having worked alongside Physiotherapists for many years, believes that movement is a healer.

Sibylla teaches both matwork and reformer Pilates, offering private sessions as well as group classes.

Lucy is an experienced Pilates teacher.

Eva Perdiki Pilates Teacher reCentre Health Balham

Eva Perdiki is qualified to teach both Matwork and Pilates Apparatus by the Pilates Foundation; a highly respected organisation committed to maintaining the highest standards of teaching.

To retain her affiliation with the Pilates Foundation, Eva is dedicated to continuing her education and learning by undertaking several Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses each year, keeping her professional outlook up-to-date and fresh. Her approach is always appropriate for each individual client’s needs, and she values their individuality. She has considerable experience of rehabilitation and her teaching ranges from beginners to advanced level.

For her own practice, she follows advanced Gyrotonic, Yoga and Ballet training. Eva is also a Royal Academy of Dance qualified ballet teacher.

Eva currently offers private sessions as well as group classes.

Having qualified in 1992 as an Aerobic Instructor, DB spent the following 10 years choreographing step routines for teachers. After receiving several injuries from teaching step, she decided that she wanted to be in an injury free environment. This decision led her to train with the well-reputed organisation, Stott Pilates.

DB has been teaching Pilates since 2008 and is very passionate about it. She believes that if you want change to your mind and body, Pilates provides the recipe for both.

DB's classes cater for all levels and take a more classical route in terms of her teaching style. She always ensures that every body part is worked and you will leave her classes feel supple yet strong.

Our Yoga Teachers

Theresa has been a student of yoga since 1999. The transformative effects of yoga had such a strong and positive impact on her life that she decided on a career change to become a yoga teacher, qualifying as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher in 2012, training at Yogacampus in Islington. 

Theresa teaches hatha yoga, a mindful and nurturing practice working on the physical postures (asanas) to develop strength and correct alignment, with a strong focus on breathing exercises (pranayama) to help to induce clarity of thought, tranquility and concentration. Theresa's classes also include meditation and relaxation to turn attention inward and help to calm the mind and reduce stress. Theresa's classes have a strong emphasis on awareness rather than just technique, and she helps guide students to discover their inner teacher. Her classes are accessible to everyone.

"I have been practising yoga on and off for over 20 years and when I decided to do my teacher training at the Life Centre in Islington it seemed like a natural step, bringing together something which I love with a real interest in sharing it with others. I do a mix of private and public classes and also have a full time job "on the side".

I love teaching because I really believe an hour on the mat is the perfect way to slow the mind down and pay our bodies and our breath a bit more attention. I try to encourage people to practise safely and with awareness of where they are today, rather than where they would like to be and above all to have a little fun. I am really happy to have complete beginners in my classes: everybody starts somewhere!

In my spare time I like cooking, roller-skating, walking, cycling (any kind of activity really!), travelling, seeing friends and family and being in the sunshine."

Louise tried different forms of yoga on and off for years but it was only after joining Theresa Aldridge’s class at the reCentre that something really clicked and she started to understand what other people had meant when they said they couldn’t do without yoga in their lives!

She qualified as a teacher with Yoga Campus in Islington, and teaches a mindful style of yoga, encouraging movement that is guided by breath, cultivating strength as well as flexibility, and fostering a sense of curiosity and playfulness.

Louise’s classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners. She is committed to making yoga as accessible as possible – offering plenty of options and modifications so that the poses work for you in your body, not the other way around.

As the place where Louise’s yoga journey began in earnest, she is delighted to teach at reCentre and to help share the benefits of yoga with others.

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