Clinic & Studio Update

Although social distancing measures and mask mandates ended on 19th July, PHE confirmed that all infetion prevention and control (IPC) measures in healthcare settings remain in place until further notice. We therefore request that all patients, clients and visitors continue to wear a face covering when visiting our clinics and studio (although it is not necessary to wear a mask during classes).

Our face to face services are all now available and we’re also offering virtual appointments and livestream Pilates and yoga via Zoom for those who are isolating or cannot attend in person.

If you’re booking a face to face appointment, please call our reception team on 020 8672 4455 to discuss your needs as online booking is currently paused. You can book online for studio classes or for virtual physiotherapy only. Online booking for physio, osteopathy and clinical massage appointments will reopen in November.

As we’re following social distancing guidelines for our staff, there may be fewer of us than usual to take your calls so if you’re diverted to our voicemail service, please leave us a message and we’ll call back as soon as we possibly can.

What To Expect

Before visiting us,

Some staff members as well as some patients attending this practice might not be vaccinated due to ineligibility, medical contraindications/ exemptions or personal preference. To keep everyone safe, strict infection prevention control measures are in place and all of our staff will be wearing the appropriate level of PPE. If you have any concerns, please let us know.


  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment start time as there is limited waiting space.
  • You’ll connect with us before you visit for an initial risk assessment during which we’ll explain everything you need to know about your visit.
  • You will be sent a consent and registration form to complete before attending for physiotherapy or osteopathy.
  • Please bring your own water bottle and towel if needed as these are not currently supplied.
  • Please observe social distancing whilst in the clinic.


  • Our mat classes can now accommodate up to eight students.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your class.
  • Please continue to wear a mask in common areas of the centre as the clinic is a healthcare setting and all IPC measures remain in place. No mask is necessary inside the studio or during classes.
  • On arrival please sanitise your hands.
  • We now have a cloakroom at the back of the clinic on the right where you can leave bags, coats and shoes but please take any valuables with you into the sudio (remembering to turn off your phone) as we cannot be responsible for any lost items.
  • Wherever possible arrive in your workout clothes as we do not have changing facilities.
  • The centre is ventilated using a fresh air heating and cooling system. Fresh air is pulled in from behind the building, cooled or heated and pumped into the rooms ensuring a constant flow of fresh air.
  • If you have your own mat, please bring it with you. We have some mats available for use but please use the sanitizing spray or wipes provided to wipe them down before and after use along with any other equipment you may use during the class.
  • Lastly but most importantly, if you feel unwell, please do not attend a class.

You can read our full risk assessment here

Last updated: 18th October 2021