COVID-19 Procedures

UK COVID-19 Risk Assessment:

No. Control Mitigations
1 Individual guidance on face coverings is clearly communicated to avoid confusion Individuals are given the option to wear their own face coverings if they feel safer doing so, but it is not compulsory. This information is communicated with visitors at time of booking and on arrival if unsure. Clinic also provide disposable face coverings for use if practitioners deem it necessary or individuals would like to wear one.

Physios / osteopaths will wear face masks.

2 Provision of hand washing facilities with warm water, soap, disposable towels, and bin. On arrival to the Clinic, individuals are requested and directed to wash their hands on entering the building.

Hand sanitizer is also provided.

3 It is made clear to patients how to use the Clinic with signs and clear movement routes to minimise risk. Clients will be welcomed and directed around the clinic by reception by following the signs to ensure social distancing. Practitioners collect patients from the waiting area and direct into the treatment room.

After the session, clients will be reminded to leave swiftly.

Practitioners will provide advice and reminders to clients where necessary.

4 Self-screening of patients before they arrive to ensure individuals displaying COVID-19 symptoms or those who should be shielding do not travel or attend appointments Booking confirmation emails and screening calls will happen ahead of the appointment, if an individual has any symptoms of feeling unwell that they do not attend the session and remain at home until symptoms have passed and only return once they have been cleared by a doctor.

If an individual arrives with noticeable symptoms, they will be refused entry to the clinic and asked to go home or if necessary, an ambulance will be called. Records will be made if this incident occurs.

Practitioners take temperature of every patient before their appointment, if their temperature is above 37.8 degrees, the appointment will not go ahead and they will be asked to leave and self-isolate.

5 Outline how Patient / Clients who are returning to the environment from isolation due to suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 or other COVID-19 related reasons should be medically assessed prior to return No patients will return to the clinic for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms and they must be at least 7 days with no symptoms. They will not be allowed back to the clinic for at least 14 days from the onset of symptoms and will require clearance from a doctor before they return.

Individuals are made aware of this process at time of booking.

6 Agree a clear position on how patients who are deemed vulnerable or are in a household with vulnerable individuals interact with the environment, which must be in line with government advice on clinically vulnerable individuals. Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals or those continuing to live with anyone deemed clinically extremely vulnerable should attend clinic in line with current government advice.

Patient / Clients deemed ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ should continue to follow government advice. This currently includes maintaining ‘shielding’. Home visits may be considered where the clinical need is great. Needs and risks will be assessed by the physio / osteopath remotely before a decision is made regarding home visits.

Individuals are made aware of this process at time of booking.

7 Should a known or suspected COVID-19 case occur in the clinic environment or an individual be identified as a contact of a known case the individual/s in question should be placed in isolation and follow the PHE guidelines. Any Patient / Client who may become symptomatic whilst at the clinic should leave, if safe to do so, immediately without touching anything and without coming into close contact with anyone.

If they are clinically unstable, they will be isolated in a separate room and medical assistance called for.

Thorough cleaning will be undertaken immediately once the symptomatic individual has left the Clinic. Our cleaning company can perform a thorough Covid-19 Clean at short notice.

8 Should a known or suspected COVID-19 case occur in or after visiting the clinic ensure to trace and inform all potentially effected individuals who have visited the Clinic. Individuals are to inform the Clinic if they become unwell after visiting the Clinic so an in-house tracing procedure can be followed.

Individuals are made aware of this requirement via various communications and reminded at their booked session.

9 The venue has a daily cleaning strategy to minimise COVID-19 transmission risk Patients are required to wash their hands once entering and leaving the clinic.

Toilets and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned between every session, including objects and surfaces that are touched regularly, using appropriate cleaning products and methods. Toilets are separated into staff and visitors to reduce contact.

Touch points in the clinic are cleaned after each patient has entered and left the clinic (doorbell, door handle on inside and out, chairs, sink and tap used in waiting area).

Reception work area is disinfected between staff shifts (keyboard, phone, mouse, desk area).

At the end of each day, the Clinic will be cleaned throughout by a professional cleaning company to ensure its ready for the next day.

Personal belongings will not be brought into the Clinic, other than a personal water bottle and keys and small hand bags.

10 Ensuring appointments are designed to minimise risk/NHS burden as a priority consideration and transmission of COVID-19 Appointments have been scheduled to ensure the required maximum occupancy is not exceeded.

Session times have been adjusted to allow for thorough cleaning and clean fresh air to circulate between each appointment.

All paperwork and payments required before appointments are processed online to reduce contact time in the clinic.

11 Waiting area procedures in place to ensure no gatherings before and after sessions New waiting area procedures have been implemented so no clients will cross at the start or end of their appointment.

Waiting area room has been designated to reduce contact with reception.

Practitioners will rebook client appointments and reception will take payment once patient has left the building via their stored credit card.

The clinic will be sign posted to remind visitors to arrive and leave swiftly to avoid clients meeting.

12 Practitioners and Reception team are aware of processes and how to maintain new clinic processes to minimise risk All practitioners and receptionists at reCentre health have been trained and are aware of the risks that COVID-19 brings and have full authority to refuse entry to anyone displaying symptoms and feeling unwell. All clients are screened before face to face appointments.

All physios / osteos will wear masks, gloves and aprons when greeting and treating patients. Other independent practitioners will supply and wear PPE iin line with the guidelines issued by their own governing bodies. Staff will be provided face masks and other PPE to wear as needed / appropriate.

13 Communications in place so that all individuals are aware of the control measures in place and how to act appropriately to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19 Regular communications are in place explaining the required new procedures when visiting the clinic and patients are reminded when they arrive for their appointment. This is done via phone-call and email.

The clinic will be sign posted throughout to remind visitors on hygiene and minimizing risks.

14 Steps taken to improve understanding of first aid provision under COVID-19 Guidance from St Johns Ambulance followed


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