Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a hands-on therapy that uses a light touch and whose origins are in the practice of Osteopathy.

The body has self-healing capabilities and is constantly striving for good health. CST can facilitate this natural propensity for balance and a feeling of wellbeing in the client and recognizes the interconnection between mind and body.

Craniosacral therapists work with the presence of subtle rhythmic motions that are expressed within the body (particularly the head, spine and pelvis). The free and balanced expression of these subtle motions is related to our state of health and vitality.

In a typical session the client will lie (or sometimes sit) clothed on a treatment couch. The therapist makes contact by gently placing their hands on the client's body and uses a light touch to tune into the subtle motions taking place. The therapist can evaluate if there are any imbalances within the body and use a range of non-invasive therapeutic skills to relax and thereby promote self-healing within the client.

CST is a very subtle, gentle, non-invasive form of treatment that can be used by everyone; from new-born babies to the elderly. It acknowledges the whole and it can help to support many conditions such as the following:

  • general aches and pains
  • stress
  • anxiety and depression
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • digestive issues
  • migraines
  • grief
  • tinnitus
  • chronic illness
  • trauma including birth related and early childhood experiences

Age range treated: 16 + years (excluding pregnant clients).

Craniosacral therapy is not intended as primary healthcare but to work alongside the relationship clients have with their doctor or other health professionals.

Craniosacral Therapy Appointments


    Booking Time: 50 Minutes
    Price: £50 - Low Cost Clinic

Our Craniosacral Therapist

I am fascinated by the interconnection of mind-body-spirit and (w)holistic therapies have always interested me. I trained as a materials engineer and have been working as a data analyst and have established a career in the healthcare sector. Throughout my engineering studies, I learned to use my mind rigorously - but I ignored my body and took my physical well-being for granted. This changed for me when I finished university. My journey started when curiosity drew me to a yoga class, which grew into daily practice for ten years and then to yoga teacher training.  I've also practised Tai Chi for the past six years.  These experiences feed my desire to understand more about the complexities of how the mind and body are intertwined.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy came into my life in 2013 when I was looking into various holistic treatments for myself, exploring ways to live and feel better. I met craniosacral therapists and experienced the therapy myself with great results.  In 2019, I was inspired to undertake practitioner training at the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust, along with the Living Anatomy course, and graduated in December 2021. I have benefitted hugely from this practice, both as a recipient and as a practitioner, and I’m passionate about this work and about sharing what I've learned. It’s for this reason that I’m committed to offering a low-cost clinic.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is a hands-on, non-invasive therapy using a very light touch and can help with physical pain, emotional or psychological stress, acute and chronic disease, or simply help develop well-being and maintain health. During the session I create a safe space where trauma, injuries, disease and/or stress can be processed and the overall health can be restored. It is a very subtle, gentle, yet powerful form of treatment which encourages natural healing. A full case history is taken during the first appointment before the treatment begins.

I graduated in 2021 and I am a registered member of the International Cranial Association (ICrA), the International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings (IABT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Age range treated: 16 + years (excluding pregnant clients).

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