We’re Still Here For You Despite Social Distancing

Physiotherapy and osteopathy treat a wide range of injuries and conditions and although usually seen as hands-on treatment methods, in fact, face-to-face consultation isn’t always necessary and clinical outcomes of physiotherapy and osteopathy delivered remotely are similar to those in person.

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Each online appointment is £50 or you can claim on your AXA PPP or Bupa insurance.

All appointments can be booked online or, if you’d like to talk to a therapist before booking, please email [email protected] to arrange a callback.

If you’re claiming on AXA PPP or Bupa insurance, your insurer will be billed for all sessions and your card details held in encryped format in our booking system for when excess fees or other fees need to be covered by you. (Please ensure you book the AXA PPP or Bupa appointment options if you have cover so you don’t get charged for the cost of your appointments).

If you’re an NHS or other keyworker, please email [email protected] for details of our discounts.

  • Your therapist will contact you with details of how the appointment will work and will send you a consent and registration form for you to complete and return ahead of your appointment time.

  • Follow the instructions from your therapist to get set up and at your appointment time, meet with your physio or osteopath online to get their expert care and guidance from the comfort of your own home.

  • For information about online options for homeopathy, nutrition therapy, psychological therapy, reiki or somatic experiencing, please contact [email protected]

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