Treatment for Babies

We treat many babies for a variety of conditions, primarily using cranial osteopathy

We also offer specialist Respiratory Physiotherapy for babies and young children with bronchiolitis (see below).

Respiratory Physiotherapy for Bronchiolitis

Bronchiolitis is common in infants and young children and affects the lower respiratory tract. Symptoms are initially similar to those of a cold and include a runny nose and cough. It can then, as the infection progresses, cause fever and a dry, persistent cough and the child often experiences difficulty with feeding and sleeping. After this, baby starts to produce excess mucous and the cough becomes wet and it is now that chest physiotherapy can be most effective.

Chest physiotherapy clears the lungs helping baby to breathe more easily, sleep and eat. Treatment will help reduce the intensity of the disease and help baby recover more quickly.

If you suspect your baby may have bronchiolitis, please first visit your GP for a diagnosis.

Paediatric Physiotherapy Appointments


    Booking Time: 45 Minutes
    Price: £75


    Booking Time: 30 Minutes
    Price: £65

    Booking Time: 45 Minutes
    Price: £71

Our Specialist Physiotherapist


Maud graduated in physiotherapy in 1998 in Paris.

She ran a clinic in Paris for 10 years where she developed a strong interest in women's health. As pelvic floor and abdominal retraining are highly promoted in France and grant aided by the French National Health System, Maud quickly gained good experience in treating pelvic floor disorders, bladder and back passage conditions and prolapses.

She has also completed postgraduate study to manage breast cancer related conditions including manual lymphatic drainage, shoulder exercises, and scar tissue work.

Maud had also extended her knowledge and skill in the treatment of pelvic pain, ante-natal musculo-skeletal conditions and diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles following childbirth).

Maud is a hands-on physiotherapist using both manual therapy and exercises in her treatment. Her approach is global and she does not believe in no pain, no gain.

In addition, Maud offers specialists chest physiotherapy for babies with bronchiolitis.

Maud is available for appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please visit our Women's Health page for more information about our Women's Health services.

Maud also offers massage treatments at reCentre.

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