Running Assessment

A running assessment consists of:

  • a detailed history of your running career, current training mileage, training methods and goals;
  • functional movement screen to assess any flexibility and strength deficits that could contribute to poor running technique;
  • a detailed video gait analysis on the treadmill. (The goal here is not to deconstruct running gait but to work with it to improve efficiency in running style and eliminate asymmetry);
  • running drills to improve technique;
  • one or two cues to put into practice on weekly runs;
  • an evidence based strength and conditioning program appropriate for your current level of strength to improve running economy and to assist in injury prevention.

There will also be time to address any questions on training plans and guidance on race preparation if you have an event coming up.

Follow up sessions can be booked on a one by one basis as needed but if you’re looking for a more structured approach for best performance for an event or whilst overcoming injury, see details of our discounted package below.

Runners Package

Avoid Injury, Improve Technique & Perform at Your Best

Running a marathon? Training for a race? Want to improve your running performance?
Our runner’s package if for you! The package offers 5 sessions with a specialist physiotherapist to help you perform at your best and is great for those training towards an event or returning to running after an injury. The package also includes a studio class.

With a saving of up to £51, this package is great value and offers a specific, targeted and individualised approach to progress you to be the best runner you can be.

RUNNING PACKAGE - What's included?

Appointment 1: Functional Assessment and MOT (45 minutes)
This appointment allows your specialist to localise any weak areas which may cause issues during your preparation and stop you from achieving your goal.

  • A detailed case history of your past injuries, running career, current training mileage, training methods and goals
  • Functional movement assessment to determine flexibility of your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders
  • Muscle strength testing of your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, adductors, abductors and core control

Appointment 2: Running Assessment (45 minutes)
Your second appointment includes a running assessment on the treadmill with detailed video analysis. The data obtained from this analysis will help to improve your running economy and efficiency, help you run faster and easier, making your training from enjoyable than ever.

  • Determine running style - are you a heel or fore foot striker?
  • Analyse running cadence, is it high or low?
  • Establish the position of your knees and hips during running

Appointment 3: Strength and Conditioning planning (45 minutes)

Using the data from your running analysis, your specialist will create a strength and conditioning plan. This is essential as it will strengthen your weaknesses allowing you to use your body to its full potential.

  • Individually tailored strengthening programme that can be adapted
  • Exercises suited to your ability and work/life balance to maximise results
  • How to use a foam roller to take care your body during training

Appointment 4+5:  Physiotherapy sessions as needed (30 minutes)
It is normal to develop minor injuries and niggles throughout your training and it is best to address them as soon as possible. These two appointments can be used as and when you require them.

Free Class
A yoga or Pilates class in our studio to be used for additional strengthening, stretching or relaxation. Your specialist can recommend a suitable class for you.

The runners package can be used with any of our four running specialists; Piotr Mizerek, Nicole Lee, Mary Fon Sing and Corinne Letitzia. Appointments available Monday-Saturday.

Running Clinic Appointments


    Booking Time: 45 Minutes
    Price: £75


    Booking Time: 30 Minutes
    Price: £65

    Booking Time: 45 Minutes
    Price: £75

  • Running Package £299

    1 x 45 minute Functional Assessment
    1 x 45 minute Running Assessment
    1x 45 minute Strength & Conditioning session
    2 x 30 minute Physiotherapy appointments as needed
    1 x Pilates or Yoga Class

    Price: £299
    Saving: £51

Our Running Specialists

Mary Fon Sing

Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor

Mary graduated from University of Melbourne in 2011 and has recently moved to London from Melbourne to explore more of Europe. As a physiotherapist certified in Clinical Pilates and working at the Commonwealth Games 2018, Mary enjoys working with patients recovering from spinal problems and sports injuries.

Patients’ goals, especially returning back to work and sports, is one of Mary’s main focus areas when treating her patients.

Mary has a keen interest in sports injuries and spinal conditions.

Her physiotherapy management includes manual therapy, Pilates driven exercise rehabilitation, dry needling and taping. Mary also specialises in pelvic floor, abdominal muscle training, breathing awareness, postural and ergonomic education in her management.

In her spare time, Mary is an avid volleyball player, martial arts enthusiast and likes chasing waves to surf. Last but not least, she speaks French and can help out if you’re lost in translation!

Nicole graduated in 1999 from the University of Otago in New Zealand. Since then she has worked mostly in private practice both in the UK and New Zealand.

She has considerable experience in treating musculoskeletal problems, especially sports-related injuries and enjoys rehabilitating people back to full function. Nicole is trained in acupuncture and also has APPI Matwork Pilates training.

Corinne Letizia

Physiotherapist, Women's Health Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor

Corinne is originally from Australia and graduated from James Cook University in Townsville in 2013. She has experience working in both a hospital and musculoskeletal private practice setting which has helped her to understand the treatment required at all stages of rehabilitation.

Since completing her degree Corinne has become a qualified Women's Health Physiotherapist and has more recently had experience working within the NHS specifically treating women with continence issues.

Corinne also has a special interest in pre- and post-natal physiotherapy and was part of the team which pioneered an in-hospital post-natal Women's Health Physiotherapy service in the private hospital situated in her hometown.

Corinne has also completed an advanced DMA Clinical Pilates course and has experience teaching small group classes as well as completing one-on-one sessions which can be highly beneficial when creating a tailored programme specific to the level and injury of the individual.

Corinne also has experience with 'hands on' physiotherapy such as massage and in addition is trained in dry needling. She is interested in treating acute and chronic lower back pain as well as post-operative, orthopaedic and surgical rehabilitation. Corinne is very thorough in her assessments and strives to ensure she provides the highest level of client care.

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