Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!

We offer a wide range of classes and sessions for this time, that are suitable for you and your baby. Looking after yourself, while you pour your energy into looking after baby is important and it's vital, to you both, that you remember to answer your own needs too.

Gentle exercise activity can generally be recommenced six weeks after a vaginal birth, and twelve weeks after C-section but please do check with your health visitor or midwife before starting any new class at this time. There’s no rush, your body needs to heal before it strengthens and with all the new activity you are doing looking after your little one, you'll have plenty of opportunity to ‘work muscles’.

You're welcome at any time for advice.

Join one of our lovely highly qualified teachers in this friendly class specifically designed to help your body after having a baby. With a maximum of 9 people in each class you can be assured of individual attention and exercises tailored just for you. The class is a very relaxed environment so should you need to tend to your baby at any time you can do so without it affecting the class.


Postnatal Pilates is designed to address the specific results of child birth and regain the core stability that will enhance your early months with your child.

Classes will focus on areas affected during pregnancy such as abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, joints and prevention of back pain.

These classes will hold a maximum of nine participants and will be led by Lucy, one of our most experienced teachers ensuring you have the most up to date and individual approach in getting your body back on track.

Please ensure you follow medical guidance when returning back to exercise. We suggest waiting a minimum of six weeks post pregnancy in normal circumstances and a minimum of 12 weeks following a C-Section.

Postnatal Classes

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