Room Hire Terms & Conditions at 246 Balham High Road – reCentre Health Limited


In these conditions the ‘Hirer’ is the person or organisation specified as Licensee on a Room Hire Agreement and ‘reCentre’ is reCentre Health Limited.


Booking, Confirmation and Invoicing


  1. A specified room is booked for the agreed period under the terms of a Room Hire Agreement.
  2. The Hirer is responsible for their own client bookings, payments, refunds etc.
  3. Charges comprise room rent plus service charge and VAT @ 20% on service charge.
  4. reCentre’s invoice to the Hirer is payable in accordance with the agreement between reCentre and the Hirer.
  5. The room may only be booked and used for activities which have been agreed and for which the Hirer is qualified and insured.
  6. reCentre reserves the right to refuse any application for entry into a Room Hire Agreement.


Refund and cancellation policy


  1. There is no refund for a room that is not used by the Hirer during their booking.
  2. Additional hours of room hire beyond those specified in the Room Hire Agreement, can be booked at the same rate (subject to availability and agreement at the time of booking) and are subject to 24 hours cancellation charge, without which the full charge will apply.


Health & Safety


  1. reCentre takes H&S seriously for all concerned and has a comprehensive policy which must be understood and adhered to by the Hirer. Health and Safety information will be made available to the Hirer.
  2. As part of its commitment to Safeguarding, reCentre encourages a polite and positive way of working in all areas and will not tolerate abuse, rudeness or discrimination of any sort.




  1. The reception area is frequently unattended, so the Hirer takes responsibility for their own safety and that of their clients and the premises, being particularly mindful when lone working.
  2. Subject to strictly adhering to reCentre’s Opening and Closing Policy and Procedure, and if deemed necessary, the Hirer may become a keyholder, for which a £30 refundable deposit is payable.
  3. The Hirer will store the alarm code in a safe and secure way and will not share it for any reason.


Fire Regulations


  1. Fire and Emergency Evacuation regulations are clearly displayed and must be observed at all times.
  2. No candles or other naked flame are allowed at reCentre.
  3. Any electrical appliance owned and used by the Hirer or stored at reCentre must be certified as PAT tested annually.
  4. Exit is through the front door on the ground floor only so the Hirer may not work in the basement area.
  5. If a fire extinguisher is damaged or used accidentally, a charge of £125 will be incurred.


Damage and Room Management


  1. All rooms and common parts must be left in the condition they were found in and free from obstructions.
  2. Hirers must keep the room clean, tidy and clear of rubbish and not cause or permit to be caused any damage to the Room or to the common parts at reCentre.
  3. Any damage should be reported by the Hirer at once, whether caused or discovered by them.
  4. Every effort should be taken by the Hirer to maintain high standards of cleanliness and care at the premises and will be responsible for the full cost of mending, repairing, cleaning or replacing any damage caused by them to furniture, décor or fixtures beyond normal wear and tear.
  5. No alteration or additions may be made to the room, including displaying posters or similar by using tape, Blue-Tack or other adhesive. An automatic charge of £100 or the cost of repair will be charged to the Hirer.
  6. The Hirer will leave the Room in a clean and tidy condition and remove any furniture, props, equipment and goods from the Room after using it and at the end of the hire period.


Display and marketing


  1. Subject to prior agreement, the Hirer may display their own professional leaflets at reCentre, dependent on format and availability of space for display.
  2. reCentre may agree to promote the Hirer’s professional service via its marketing channels. Requests for marketing support should be directed to reCentre. Charges apply.


Law and Standards


  1. The Hirer will not do anything in the Room or at the premises which is illegal.
  2. The Hirer will be considerate to neighbours, colleagues, clients and staff and will not do anything which may be or become a nuisance (whether actionable or not), annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to reCentre or occupiers of other rooms.
  3. reCentre has Standards of Service which will be updated and notified to the Hirer from time to time and which must be adhered to which includes (but is not limited to) confidentiality, data protection, risk assessment.
  4. The Hirer must not by any action damage reCentre’s reputation.


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