Our facial treatments have been developed by our talented and experienced therapists, Elaine Tomkins and Veronica Massa. They use natural, organic, hand-blended products alongside ancient, traditional and modern techniques to provide a unique, bespoke experience that goes far beyond what most people think of as a ‘facial’.

Our Facial Therapists & Bespoke Treatments

Veronica’s Treatments

Veronica’s work involves the use of various methods and therapies including specialized face-lift massage techniques, Facial Reflex Therapy (Sorensensistem), Traditional Oriental Facial Therapies and tools (cupping, gua sha and jade roller), acupressure and tapping, relaxation and visualisation, Face Yoga and exercises, Clinical/Oriental/Spiritual Aromatherapy -using Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, including Five Elements Aromatherapy and the use of clinical grade oils and Sacred oils. She offers many treatments including Pregnancy Massage, Indian Champissage (Traditional Indian Head Massage), Bellabaci Cupping Therapy Massage and a wide range of Facial Therapies.

Veronica focuses on:

  • promoting positive ageing. The therapies encourage self-awareness and open up to the correlation between facial expressions, feelings, emotions and muscle tightness, in relation to premature ageing
  • improving post-stroke symptoms including facial paralysis
  • releasing stress related symptoms such as TMJ disorder (jaw pain), face and neck tension, headaches, eye strain
  • promoting a deep state of relaxation, calming the mind and support depression
  • dissipating emotional tension and stress built up in the muscles of the face which can permeate the entire body: through the face we can access the CNS
  • enhance the health and appearance of the skin while managing the psychological impact of skin conditions
  • relieving and managing sinusitis.

Contact us to book or for more on Veronica and her treatments, visit Veronica's website or email your enquiry to her at [email protected]

Veronica Massa Therapist reCentre Health Balham Tooting SW17


Veronica is a multi-disciplinary therapist with a special interest in women's well-being and natural healthcare in all stages of life, including pregnancy.

Veronica has developed her unique way of working, always fully focused on the whole person, combining deeper detailed bodywork with subtler light touch and intuitive guidance. Her massage is characterized by a slow, constant beautiful flow aimed at calming the nervous system and she is particularly well known and specialized in neck and shoulders work including the head and face.

Focused on the synthesis between Aromatherapy, Traditional Oriental Medicine, Massage and Energy Healing, Veronica also specialises in Holistic Facial Therapies and Natural Skincare Coaching. Her experience and knowledge led her to develop her own signature facials aimed at balancing skin, body, mind and harmonizing the emotions.

In addition to her facial work, Veronica also offers Pregnancy Massage, Indian Champissage (Traditional Indian Head Massage) and Bellabaci Cupping Therapy Massage.

visit Veronica's website or email your enquiry to her at [email protected]



Veronica’s own handcrafted 100% natural rose range products will delight your senses, calm you mind and allow self love to flow. Deep cleansing and ideal for dull, dehydrated and lifeless skin, this gentle and soothing facial benefits from the therapeutic values of rose and other herbs. Focusing on face, neck, shoulders and scalp, the skin is re-balanced, muscles are relaxed, leaving you with a fresh, youthful glow.

1 hour £90

90 minutes £115

LUXURY FACIAL REJUVENATION - A fusion of Age-defying Facelift & Rose Facial Experience

Natural faceLift Massage and YOUTH N’ ROSES Facial are combined to give blissful relaxation and a wonderfully radiant, ‘lifted up’ face.

90 minutes £120

JADE STONE FACIAL - Gua Sha, Jade Roller and Jade Stones - Veronica’s Signature Facial

Would you like the beautiful, silk-like skin of a Chinese empress? This facial ritual was made famous by ancient royal families that used the beneficial effects of Jade stone massage to keep their face smooth and youthful. Traditionally jade rollers were used to flatten wrinkles, clear fluid congestion, relieve sinus pain and puffiness under the eyes. Jade has healing, balancing, harmonizing and beautifying properties. Aromatherapy is combined to create a wonderful experience for your senses, together with a honey and green tea mask.

1 hour £90

90 minutes £115


Ancient micro body maps and modern neurology of the face are used to enhance health and wellbeing though the central nervous system.

1 hour £85

90 minutes £110


Look younger in 1 hour, get 5 years off your face in 8 weeks. Relax deeply and re-emerge rejuvenated with this revolutionary non surgical face lift that slows down the aging process and irons out wrinkles.

Sophisticated massage techniques tone & firm sagging skin and lift up the face muscles while releasing tension, improve skin texture, reduce puffiness, prevent and remove fine lines and ease stress related symptoms. No products required.

1 hour £90


A truly natural, regenerating skincare program designed specifically for your skin needs; a must to keep your skin radiant & healthy. Veronica combines her beauty secrets, experience and knowledge to help you achieve optimal skin condition. It facilitates the removal of toxins, fluids & dead cells, restores skin’s balance, promotes cell’s regeneration and improves complexion. Specialized massage sequences are applied to increase absorption of nutrients from organic ingredients such as therapeutic botanicals, fresh fruit, plants, essential oils, honey & clays. Skincare coaching is provided. Veronica will transport you to a place of complete and deep relaxation where you can ” switch your mind off” so that all emotional and mental stress -expressed outwards in your face and skin- will dissipate. In doing so your entire being is re-balanced and harmonized, your skin appears more youthful and stress free with an internal glow.

90 minutes £130

TRADITIONAL ORIENTAL FACIAL THERAPY with Gua Sha, Cupping & Jade Roller - Veronica’s Signature Facial

This unique treatment developed by Veronica, incorporates Cupping, Gua Sha, Jade roller & acupressure. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, it not only beautifies and strengthens the skin but will improve your general health, restoring a radiant youthful glow. The highly effective techniques stimulates the skin at the deepest level, increasing the power of the anti-oxidant & anti-ageing Chinese herbal oils, the ceremonial grade Matcha green tea and pure organic raw honey. It improves complexion, regenerates skin cells, increases natural collagen and elastin production, reducing scar tissue, tightens pores, minimizes depth of wrinkles, helps skin discoloration. It help sinusitis, facial/head tension and thinning skin in menopause.

1 hour £95

90 minutes £120


For women who need to release negative emotions held and blocked on their face, neck and head causing tension, aches and issues like jaw pain, (TMJ disorder) and headaches.

1 hour £85

90 minutes £110


A safe alternative to botox, this natural instant facelift is a Facial Reflex Therapy with deep muscle stimulation that gives impressive results.

1 hour £90

90 minutes £115

Elaine’s Treatments

Elaine’s Facial Treatments & Massage Therapy: an entire experience

We are excited to offer you a range of bespoke, organic facial and upper body massage treatments that are solely

designed and delivered by our senior and long serving reCentre therapist, Elaine Tomkins who has a wealth of experience under her fingertips. She is also Head of Massage Training for Neal’s Yard Remedies and Rosalena’s senior FaceFit therapist.

Offered exclusively at our complementary therapy rooms, all treatments are designed and delivered by Elaine using exquisite organic oils all facial experiences include all the wonderful effects of LaStone Therapy – the specialised use of alternating hot basalt and chilled marble stones to the upper back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp to boost circulation for a naturally beautiful complexion and a sense of inner calm.

Elaine Tompkins Therapist reCentre Balham


Elaine has over 25 years of experience in the field of massage and offers a wide range of highly specialised treatments ranging from pre and post pregnancy massage, deep tissue muscular release therapy, myofascial and trigger point therapy, intra-oral massage for treating TMJ (tooth grinding/clenching) issues, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, specialised massage therapy for cancer and range of beautiful facial treatments with the added luxury of hot and cold stones. She is also a qualified Aromatherapist and Rosalena's Senior FaceFit therapist.

Her treatments are always bespoke; tailor made for each and every individual with a unique set of skills and creative offering that makes her a very popular therapist and truly an expert in her field.

Elaine is our senior reCentre massage therapist and is currently Head of Massage training for Neal's Yard Remedies, developing and delivering a wide range of training courses in the UK and overseas. She is highly qualified and is committed to providing a first class service.



Cool Sculpting Facial Rejuvenation is an innovative and dynamic treatment that aims to lift, sculpt and transform the underlying structure and appearance of the face with exquisitely chilled applications of iced rose quartz, Indian marble and Chinese jade facial stones. This highly personalised and deeply relaxing treatment also includes releasing deep seated tension in the upper back and neck that always contributes to a dull and lack lustre complexion.

When cold stones are placed on the skin, it triggers vasoconstriction — the narrowing of blood vessels. After the icy cold stones are removed, the blood vessels dilate again, supplying the affected areas with fresh blood and oxygen, increasing circulation to give the skin a visible firmer texture.

The combination of chilled stones and innovative massage techniques are extremely beneficial for the relief of sinus congestion, menstrual flushes, puffiness under the eyes, headaches etc. On another level, the entire emotionally replenishing experience creates a sense of timeless relaxation leaving you recharged, radiant and happy!

Booking Time: 1hr 15 mins inclusive of beautiful, organic facial oil created for you personally to continue your facial care at home

Cost: £135
Booking Time: 1hr 15 mins

Elaine’s facials are amazing! The cool sculpting treatment definitely rejuvenated my skin beyond belief. The whole textural experience of the chilled stones combined with her incredible massage skills and knowledge are incomparable. I am so happy with how my skin feels and looks now – plumped up and smooth. This has to be the best facial treatment by far and what a treat to go home with the heavenly face oil that Elaine makes. Very highly recommended (and addictive!). June, Balham


Perfect for everyone including teens, mums, mums-to-be and the men in your life! This organic aromatherapy facial uses natural, organic base products and organic essential oils which are freshly prepared during the treatment and tailor made for you (you also get to take your prescriptive blend away) – a must for sensitive, stressed, reactive, hormonal, dry, oily combination and delicate complexions.

After an initial skin consultation, Elaine will carefully select natural, organic base products and organic essential oils to create your own bespoke skin prescription and individual massage techniques, according to your skin type and how you want to feel after your treatment. Warm aromatic compresses will then gently exfoliate and help to remove impurities with natural, skin cleansing oils that do not strip away the skin’s natural oils.

Depending on the needs of your skin, Elaine will use various stages of acupressure, lymphatic drainage and deeper, specific tissue work that helps to relax facial muscles, release tension and drain puffiness.

This facial experience includes a hot stone therapeutic massage to the upper back, shoulders, head, neck and decolletage for a naturally beautiful complexion and a sense of inner calm. The finishing touch of cold stones to the face will add a wonderful glow to the complexion.

Booking time: 1hr 30 mins
Cost: £145


It’s the sculpting massage technique and aromatic experience of this signature treatment that makes it so much more than just a facial. Relax as the tension in your neck, upper back and scalp are massaged away while your skin is expertly cleansed and softened with hydrating Rose and Bergamot balm and the purest Rose floral water. Drawing on her extensive knowledge, Elaine manually works the facial muscles to improve circulation, stimulate elasticity, lift and brighten whilst the beautiful oils of Rose, Bergamot, Orange Blossom and Rosehip seed awaken and replenish the cells of the epidermis. The finishing touch uses cold stones to the face, easing away life’s stresses and strains, leaving you with a deep sense of well being and a naturally glowing complexion. Let’s not forget the arm and hand massage with the hot and cold stones!

Booking time: 1hr 30 mins
Cost: £145


FaceFit was created by Elaine Tomkins, Rosalena’s Senior FaceFit Therapist and reCentre’s Senior Massage Therapist. Elaine has teamed up with Rosalena Face Oils to deliver a therapeutic facial treatment that lifts, brightens and contours – a beautifully relaxing workout for your face! Elaine’s expert techniques will leave you feeling extraordinary, as she works prescriptively to address your facial needs, focusing on the areas of tension that contribute to a dull and tired complexion. In a magical hour, this deeply relaxing and unique treatment will stimulate your 42 facial muscles and leave you positively glowing , with visibly younger looking skin – instant results For Better Skin, Naturally!

A Rosalena FaceFit experience is based around supercharging the muscles and connective tissue of the face to reveal your natural radiance. Exclusive to FaceFit, the treatment incorporates Elaine’s personal layering technique to target those tired muscles that cause saggy skin, puffy eyes, frown lines and jaw tension. Techniques range from gently boosting circulation to the micro-contouring deeper massage where the lifting and sculpting effect of the tissues comes into play, transforming the underlying structure and the appearance of your face. The deep feeling of relaxation experienced during this customised treatment is amazing. Specific acupressure points are activated and tension is magically dissolved with traditional Chinese jade stones, an invitation for a mindful moment and a chance for inner calm before the finale – the famous Rosalena glow!

‘Facefit is SO much more than a facial! The treatment goes way beyond anything I can describe. Not only does your face get a workout (my jaw feels like it been unhinged and I didn’t even know it was tight!) but my neck and shoulders feel like mine again. An extraordinary experience overall. I feel very nurtured, have glowing skin and have gone home with a lovely Rosalena facial oil.’ Sally, Osteopath, Putney

‘Highly recommend Elaine’s FaceFit treatment. After 3 sessions the tension in my face is no more and my jaw muscles don’t ache in the morning at all plus I’m a much better tempered mum!!! The Rosalena facial oil is amazing as well. I swear it helps me sleep peacefully and my spotty skin is much, much better. Thank you Elaine and Rosalena!!’ Charlotte, Mum & Teacher, Clapham

‘Elaine has so much expertise in her field that you instantly know you are in the best of hands! She has a phenomenal approach and treats my the skin according to what it needs at the time – very refreshing. No complex masks, steaming or layers of products but gets working to release the tension in my face with those magic fingers. I really do look 10 years younger after a Facefit treatment; no Botox for me!!’ Julianne, Actress, Chelsea

FaceFit in 60 (actual treatment time) £110

FaceFit in 30 (actual treatment time) £65

All treatments include a prescriptive Rosalena Face Oil to take home. Rosalena is a range of daily moisturising Face Oils made from pure plant ingredients with no preservatives, parabens or artificial ingredients. Each oil is beautifully but naturally scented & combines the ancient wisdom of plant oils combined with a therapeutic facial with Elaine to provide you with maximum skin benefit. The team at Rosalena says ‘FaceFit is the natural alternative to Botox that is fast becoming a favourite go-to For Better Skin, Naturally!’

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