Weather the lockdowns by harnessing qualities from the four elements – earth, water, fire and air

Weather the lockdowns by harnessing qualities from the four elements – earth, water, fire and air

How are you feeling as this second lockdown comes to an end?…

Working from home: The ideal ergonomic set-up

During lockdown most of the country started to work from home which meant work set-ups changed dramatically. After a couple of months, we noticed an increase in cases of neck and back pain due to poor workstations. Does that tight neck and sore shoulders sensation feel familiar?

Strengthening your immunity during the coronavirus

Healthy food choices are our immune system’s first line of defence to combat illness. With a focus on staying safe and healthy through the coronavirus lockdown, we asked our nutritional therapist Kate Delamar-Morgan to talk us through the immunity-boosting ways we can eat well.

How can physiotherapy and osteopathy help you remotely?

And because we like research and work in an evidence-based way, we have actually done quite a bit of research into remote consultations. Research which predates the current COVID-19 crisis.

Winter running clothes: Top tips

You have received your place for the London Marathon, a half marathon, 10K, 5K or ultramarathon and training has begun! As we head into the winter months it is important you know what to wear and when to avoid unnecessary blistering or rashes ...
Pregnancy Massage

Psychological Therapy for Women’s Health

We can think about women’s health psychology as the psychological impact of health issues or challenges that as a woman you are uniquely likely to experience across your lifespan. Most of the time, if someone feels like they need help ...

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