The Alexander Technique is gentle, yet powerful. It is a way of becoming more aware about how your mind and body work together so that you can look after yourself. Developing an improved sense of yourself, and your habits can bring relief from tension, improved confidence, clarity of thought, and a sense of lightness and calm. It is particularly known to help those suffering from pain or depression, those rehabilitating, pregnant women and performers and professionals seeking increased ease, presence and impact in their work.

In lessons, you will experiment with ‘doing less’ – either walking, sitting or lying down (fully clothed). A sensitive touch from trained hands can help you observe what is ‘going on’ and help you recover natural poise, energy and ease. It requires you to both relax and to stay aware – it will make sense when you try it.

Why try this? This is not a ‘quick fix’ or remedial treatment, but an ‘education’ for long term differences that can stay with you for life. Having said this, most will feel some benefit after just a few lessons.

Alexander Technique Lessons


    Booking Time: 1 hour
    Price: £65

Our Alexander Technique Therapist

Roxani Garefalaki has a unique approach to the teaching of the Alexander Technique and her experience allows her to work with a wide range of cases. She has helped many people overcome back and neck pain, recover from injuries, improve their proprioception and balance and find new ways to achieve mind-body unity. Having qualified in 2017 from a three year Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) training, she is fully qualified to teach children and young adults. Being hypermobile herself (hEDS), she is a Professional Member of the Hypermobility Syndromes Association (HMSA) and specialises in working with people on the Hypermobility spectrum. She is also a Tai Chi and Qigong Teacher.

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