Tai Chi is a gentle rhythm and language that the body learns through practice. Being in touch with this rhythm and internal energy helps the body and mind to relax and yield, therefore allows the individual to deal with their daily stress by remaining more open and flexible.

Tai Chi derives from many of the same concepts that underlie qigong, as applied to martial arts training. However, as the practice of Tai Chi has spread out from its roots, the benefits of tai chi have become realised in many areas outside martial arts. The Tai Chi system promotes relaxation, strength, flexibility and balance, as well as mental focus and dealing with stress. Tai Chi is sometimes called “Meditation in Motion.”

Learning to play Tai Chi is in many ways similar to learning to play a musical instrument; there is always something for both the mind and the body to do, and, step by step, the learner becomes attuned to new and interesting aspects of the practice.

Qigong exercises combine movement, breathing and mental focus to promote physical and mental awareness and relaxation. For many, chi kung leads to a more efficient use of the body in everyday life and to better coping with stress. Some also see qigong as improving general health and well-being; the use of chi kung exercises to treat medical conditions lies in the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is not considered in our classes.

Tai Chi classes at reCentre are open to all the community. We welcome everyone to these small classes. The price is less than our usual classes, £11 for a one off class and £9 for members and those who purchase block class passes. Because these classes are already at a discounted rate compared to our normal class rates, Tai Chi is not included in our buy one get one free offer.

Our studios are situated on Balham High Road, South West London. For directions and contact information please visit our contact us page.

For more information about the classes, contact Henry directly on 07785 771717 or
visit my website Tai Chi Clapham.

Please note that anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Tai Chi Qigong Classes

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