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Aga is a Polish physiotherapist, currently awaiting her UK registration with HCPC and working as a physiotherapy assistant and manual therapist in the meantime.

Aga has extensive knowledge and a broad range of manual therapy approaches including sports massage, deep tissue, rolfing and myofascial release.

She qualified with a Masters degree in Physiotherapy in Poland in 2018 where she started practicing as a Physiotherapist before moving to the UK. During her postgraduate practice she treated a range of musculo-skeletal conditions including those related to degenerative diseases, work-related injuries, sports injuries and rehabilitation and post-surgical rehabilitation. Alongside her physiotherapy training she has attained qualifications in fascial manipulation by Stecco, trigger point therapy and kinesiology taping.

In her free time, Aga practices yoga and swims. She also loves reading books and practicing her sewing skills.

Aga is passionate about the human body and recognises how a little tension in the wrong place can influence posture and movement.

“I think everyone deserves to know that a relaxed body leads to a better quality of life.”

Carmen qualified in 2009, with a BSc Physiotherapy (Hons) from St George’s University, London. Following this she went on to work in patient care across several top London teaching hospitals before starting clinical research into the effects of exercise on lung disease.

Driven by her passion for all things Women’s Health, Carmen has additional training in postnatal conditioning, antenatal and postnatal Pilates (APPI), and is a Mummy MOT Practitioner. She has a special interest in yoga as medicine, pelvic health, and the menopausal years.

Carmen believes in ageing well and empowering the individual in attaining personal goals and personal health. In her practice she utilises strength and conditioning and breathwork to aid mobility and function.

As a clinician she recognises that pain is multifactorial and the impact that this can have on a person’s life. Her aim is always to improve overall quality of life. She believes in patient-led treatments and the interactive relationship between mental wellbeing and physical rehabilitation.

She uses adjuncts such as myofascial release, scar, remedial, and sports massage to assist in reducing pain and improving functional movement.

Carmen fully supports each individual in achieving personal, relevant goals by providing guidance and support whether it be physical fitness, or a return to activity following injury, illness, or the postnatal period.

She has a good understanding of the importance of lifestyle management and exercise rehabilitation and will incorporate these effectively into your treatment using the full breadth of her expertise.

Whatever your injury or concern, Carmen will provide a thorough assessment and an evidence-based treatment plan, all developed and based on your specific requirements.

When Carmen is not working she’s gardening, raising two small amazing humans, or cycling and exploring the city.

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (distinction)
  • Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience (BSc)
  • Foundation for dry needling
Katelin is from New Zealand where she has been practicing Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in a private practice for a number of years.

Katelin has been the sole physiotherapist within a high school where she assessed, treated, and completed rehabilitation with paediatric clients. She has also been a part of a private orthopaedic hospital team, where she has experience with lower limb operative clients from day 1 post-op. Some of these clients were followed and treated by Katelin from day 1 to discharge one year later (particularly ACL reconstructions!).

Katelin has a holistic approach in collaboration with clients, where the best practice and research is always considered. She practices hands-on treatments like dry needling, joint mobilisations, and massage. She also has a large interest in rehabilitative exercises and general fitness.

Katelin enjoys travel, exploring new places and is excited to see and experience your part of the world! She also has a big interest in the gym (including crossfit and weightlifting), sports, hiking and running.

    • Master of Science in Osteopathy
    • Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

    Hamza is a qualified and fully registered osteopath, who graduated with a Master’s degree from the University College of Osteopathy.

    His primary passion lies in restoring functionality for patients from diverse backgrounds, adopting a holistic approach when treating his patients. He ensures they receive individualised care and advice, enabling them to lead fulfilling daily lives.

    During his university journey, Hamza undertook placements in specialized HIV and geriatric care. This invaluable exposure has deepened his understanding of musculoskeletal conditions in a variety of patients.

    He holds a diploma in Sports Massage Therapy. Over the past two years, he has worked with a diverse range of patients, expanding his therapeutic skill set and providing tailored treatments.

    Beyond his work, Hamza is deeply passionate about sports, and his personal interests reflect this commitment. He enjoys regular exercise and has a background in both football and karate. Being trilingual, fluent in English, Arabic and Hebrew, enabling him to effectively connect with patients from various cultural backgrounds.

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