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Cranial Osteopathy is a very gentle treatment that can assist in the treatment of many conditions. It is a holistic treatment that focuses on the total health of the individual rather than the treatment of a specific disease or symptom. Cranial Osteopathy is an excellent treatment for new-born babies and can be used to treat people of any age. Babies and children often respond very well to treatment – sometimes with surprising results. We recommend that all new-born babies come for a cranial check up with our paediatric specialist, Marcia Hugall. If a baby has experienced any birth trauma, cranial treatment during infancy can treat potential imbalances before the bones and fascia are set. Every patient is a unique individual and as such, every patient will respond to cranial treatment in their own way.

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    Booking Time: 45 Minutes
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Marcia Cranial Osteopathy reCentre Balham

Marcia Hugall is a fully qualified, GSoC registered osteopath. She became a MSc in Paediatric Osteopathy in 2009 and has worked at the Osteopathic Centre for Children, Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy.

Marcia has lectured at the both the British School of Osteopathy and the London School of Osteopathy. She is also a member of the Cranial Academy, a branch of the American Academy of Osteopathy, having carried out post-graduate study in the USA.

Marcia is a registered osteopath with BUPA, AXA PPP and other private medical insurance companies.

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