Recentre is a total blessing. Their range of practitioners and expert advice is second to none.

This place is a lovely haven of calm in a busy and stressful city.

Great service. Fantastic surroundings. Very experienced medical team.

The yoga classes I’ve attended are relaxing, accessible but also challenging in a good way. This place is a lovely haven of calm in a busy and stressful city.



Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork which stimulates the body’s natural healing ability and is a deeply relaxing experience. The philosophy underlying shiatsu is that vital energy (ki in Japanese) flows through the body in a series of channels called meridians. When ki stops flowing freely it produces a symptom and shiatsu helps to rebalance and improve the quality of ki through touch, increasing feelings of wellbeing. Shiatsu is a therapy which treats each individual uniquely and holistically both on the physical and mental/emotional levels. The treatment usually takes place on a futon and the client remains fully clothed. To have shiatsu you should wear comfortable clothing such as joggers or leggings, a warm long sleeve top, and socks. The practitioner considers your state of health according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine with shiatsu theory and then uses a variety of appropriate techniques including pressure along the meridians and at specific points, along with joint rotations and muscle stretches.

Annie first began her shiatsu studies while living in Japan. She then graduated from a 3 year Shiatsu diploma course with the European Shiatsu School in London in 2000, gained MRSS recognition in 2001 and has worked in continuous private and clinical practice since then. She has also practised Shiatsu for the NHS working with auto-immune conditions, for the Complementary Health Trust and within the corporate sector.

Price:  £80

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