Recentre is a total blessing. Their range of practitioners and expert advice is second to none.

This place is a lovely haven of calm in a busy and stressful city.

Great service. Fantastic surroundings. Very experienced medical team.

The yoga classes I’ve attended are relaxing, accessible but also challenging in a good way. This place is a lovely haven of calm in a busy and stressful city.


Looking at Life through dirty, tired windows? Want to see clearly and have more conscious choice? Want to feel better more often?

When you want to have more choice and control over your circumstances, what you do, who you are and how you feel, and when you’d like to be clearer about what you want, finding out how to get there can be daunting. Being with an expert guide makes it an exciting and enlightening process with an excellent outcome that is personal to you.

You are what you THINK you are; your beliefs are just stories you’ve heard, or told yourself, repeatedly.

What appears to be true’ for you may not be ‘true’ for someone else, and allowing yourself to examine those beliefs can be life-changing.

Sally works seamlessly with many techniques to enable you to access your vast inner knowing, to resolve blocks and outdated habits and create the life you want. Her 30 + years of experience working as a NeuroMusculoSkeletal Physiotherapist enable her to have a deep understanding of the body, its function, reaction to pain and repair mechanisms. Add to that 10 years of NLP Mastery, where she enables her patients to transform mind-body behaviours and beliefs, waking them up to know what they want, to self-heal and to their own innate power.

Explore your MENTAL LANDSCAPE; discover where your unfulfilled projects, dreams and happiness are stored, and why you haven’t achieved them – yet.

Clarify the blocks in your way; lose them, or move them to a more creative, useful place finding the resources you need to bring it all together.

Imagine being able to change something such as a long held belief or ‘truth’, which you no longer want or need, simply and easily. How would it feel if you were lighter, with a clear prospect of the future ahead of you, even if you don’t know the details?

NLP is the toolbox of strategies which underpins this change work. Most of our behaviour is habitual, and we each experience our own map of the world through our senses and feelings (emotions) via the brain and nervous system (Neuro); we communicate internally and externally, with ourselves and others (Linguistic); we are ‘Programmed’ because otherwise we would be overwhelmed with the information available to us all the time. Skilfully used, NLP enables us to become aware of our habitual unconscious programming, and to choose to change it quickly and safely. Thought Pattern Management (TPM) creates change at a deep level, fast, without the stories we have been told or tell ourselves, accessing the wisdom and resources available to us.

Sally offers a 60 minute session initially. This is a ‘fact find’ to clarify what you would like to address and what you really want to get from any change. If it is a relatively simple issue then it may be possible to clear part or all of it in the first session. Otherwise she will discuss what you may need, so you can decide if this is what you want, and you can plan together, to make it happen.

She charges £95 per hour, and pro rata for each 30 minutes after the first hour.

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