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Life Coaching

Whether you are interested in personal or professional development, the development of an idea, your relationship or your business, Life Coaching can assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your current situation and will help you to create a more fulfilling future.

Coaching aims to deepen the understanding and forward the action to move you towards your desired outcomes. Coaching is for everyone and your coaching experience will be unique to you.

Prices vary, please call us on 020 8672 4455.

Our Life CoachES

Danielle Booker

Whether you’re wanting just a little clarity and guidance to get you going again or you’re feeling completely stuck at a crossroads, ready for your next move and just don’t know how to take the next steps—Danielle can help you with that.

Danielle Brooker brings her own experience of getting ‘unstuck’ and moving from a place of feeling unworthy and burnt out to reconnecting with herself and living life fully. Learning to say yes to herself more often she switched gears in her career and followed her heart from Australia to London. Passionate about growth, great coffee and all things wellbeing, through her coaching she now helps others who are stuck—wanting to reclaim their lives from ‘busy’ and reconnect with themselves to amplify the results in life.

She is a qualified Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching and certified practitioner of Meta DynamicsTM (a research-based coaching methodology that takes Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and incorporates thinking, patterns of behaviour and your emotional context). Danielle also uses a combination of techniques, tools and practices developed from her years of self-discovery—from positive psychology, human behavior and neuroscience through to yoga, meditation, and living more in sync with your body and cycles.

Her clients are looking to identify the root cause of their discomforts—whether that be in their careers, relationships, or life itself—not just the symptoms, so that the change is deep, transformational, and really lasts.

Here’s what some of them say:

“In just a few sessions with Danielle I regained the confidence, motivation and self-understanding that has made a hugely positive and sustainable impact to my happiness and wellbeing” Christian

“Danielle is an empowering genuine and brilliant life coach. She has helped me reconnect with me, helped me tap into an inner power within me that I did not know I had. My coaching experience with her has been invaluable investment of resources, efforts and time.” Dima

“As I result of the coaching I am now more in touch with the feelings that I feel during the day and how much they impact my quality of life. Working with Danielle gave me the confidence to end a relationship that was not serving me despite all the fears I had around this decision.” Fiona

“Danielle’s kind and caring approach helped me to change the way I think. She provided me with tools that I can use in my daily life, strengthened my self-esteem and worked with me through a phase in my life where I felt very “stuck”. I feel freer now, relieved and happy.” Barbara

“At first I was hesitant to approach a personal coach but as soon as I met Danielle I knew that she was the right fit for me. She put me at ease straightaway, understood where I was in my life and what I was looking to change. She has given me back my confidence in myself, my abilities and also provided me the tools and framework to deal with any situation that arises.” Jason

Want to know more?

Danielle always has a chemistry session before getting started—this is a complimentary 45min coaching call to get clear on what it is you’re seeking and whether her programmes will be a right fit for both of you.

Programmes will be for a minimum 3-month commitment and the level of support varies—it’s all personalised and you’ll agree the fit that’s just right for you with a mix of 1-hour private coaching sessions, guided self-discovery exercises (home‘play’) and unlimited email support between sessions. (Price will start from £329 per month depending on support agreed).

Susi Dale

Susi Dale is an NLP Master Practitioner (2003), Certified International NLP Coach (2007), HeartMath 1:1 Provider (2014) and Health Business Consultant (2002). She has been coaching since 2007 and her clients include international financial executives, entrepreneurs, performers and full-time mothers.




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